Researchers and entrepreneurs at Washington state institutions have the potential to conduct translational research that eventually leads to the creation of novel products and services that can improve health and advance technology. However, before technologies are ready for commercial investment, they often require further technical development, evaluation and de-risking within the research institution. WRF technology commercialization grants are intended to bridge part of this gap between discovery research and commercial investment in novel technologies. Our funding seeks to catalyze commercially viable, translational research at Washington state research institutions and accelerate the development of technology to benefit the public.


How Our Funding Works

WRF has adopted a phased approach to technology commercialization funding. Initial funding for projects is for up to $100,000. Select investigators who demonstrate success in completing milestones may be invited to apply for further funding in stages for up to $1 million.


Application Details
  • All eligible investigators are welcome to submit a pre-proposal
  • Pre-proposals will be accepted at any time on a rolling basis
Review Process & Timeline
  • Pre-proposals will be reviewed within three weeks of submission
  • Pre-proposals are reviewed by WRF staff
Possible Outcomes
  • Invitation to submit a Phase 1 proposal

Phase 1

Funding amount:
$10,000 – $100,0000
12-17 projects/year funded

Application Details
  • Upon successful review of the pre-proposal, applicants will be invited to submit a full application
  • Duration of award is flexible and determined by the needs of the project
  • Amount requested should be appropriate to the scope and aims of the project
Review Process & Timeline
  • Full proposals will be reviewed within 6 weeks of submission
  • Proposals are reviewed by WRF staff
Possible Outcomes
  • Validation of commercial potential
  • Licensing opportunity
  • IP generation
  • Opportunity for follow-on funding through WRF Phase 2 or other sources

Phase 2

Funding amount:
Up to $250,000
5-7 projects/year funded

Phase 3

Funding amount:
Up to $1 million
1-2 projects/year funded

Application Details

By invitation only based on:

  • Successful completion of Phase 1 milestones or Phase 2 milestones and submission of a written report
  • Demonstration of clear potential for commercialization
  • Impact of product on improving health or advancing technology
  • Strategic priorities of WRF
Review Process & Timeline
  • Proposals will be reviewed within 8-12 weeks of submission
  • External experts will be contacted to review proposals under a confidentiality agreement
Possible Outcomes
  • Validation of commercial potential
  • IP generation
  • Opportunity for follow-on funding through WRF Phase 3 or other sources
  • Major licensing opportunity
  • Startup company formation
  • Follow-on funding or investment from external sources
  • Further IP generation
  • Startup company formation

WRF also supports technology commercialization programs at the University of Washington and Washington State University

Contact Us

If you have further questions, please contact us at grants@wrfseattle.org.

+$45M to advance development of new technologies

+50% of WRF’s funding led to license agreement

50% of WRF’s funding led to formation of a startup