Researchers and entrepreneurs at Washington state institutions have the potential to develop novel products and services that can improve health and advance technology. However, before technologies are ready for commercial investment to bring them to market, they can often benefit from further development and de-risking within the research institution. WRF technology commercialization funding is intended to bridge this gap between discovery research and commercial investment in novel technologies. Our funding seeks to catalyze commercially viable research at Washington state research institutions and accelerate the development of technology to benefit the public.

Our technology commercialization funding predominantly focuses on products and services in life sciences and enabling technologies.


Employees or students at Washington state nonprofit research institutions are eligible to submit a pre-proposal. Employees may be faculty, postdoctoral scholars, research scientists or hold staff appointments. All awards will be made to the institutions; WRF does not directly fund individuals.

Budget Guidelines

Indirect costs are not allowed. It is the policy of the Washington Research Foundation not to pay any indirect costs on any award. WRF reviews the budget in each proposal to determine whether the direct costs being requested are appropriate. Guidance on common direct costs is provided below.

  • All non-salary direct project costs are allowed (e.g., equipment, supplies, facility fees, contract research costs)
  • Salary costs for students, research staff or postdoctoral fellows are allowed
  • Salary costs for regular faculty (e.g., assistant professors, associate professors, full professors) are not allowed
  • Salary costs for research faculty (e.g., research professors, acting instructors) are allowed
  • IP costs are typically not allowed as these are expected to be borne by the institution
  • Funds may be requested for the length of time that is appropriate to complete the project. Phase 1 grants are typically for 6 – 12 months
  • Indirect costs are not allowed

Contact Us

If you have further questions, please contact us at grants@wrfseattle.org.