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Current Technologies Available for License

Washington Research Foundation’s licensing program works on behalf of not-for-profit research institutions in Washington state. The following links provide overviews of the technologies we currently have available for license.

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For additional information about our available technology, please contact:

Beth Etscheid, Ph.D.
Director of Licensing
Washington Research Foundation
(206) 336-5600


Expression of Polypeptides in Yeast

Using transformed strains of yeast, recombinant proteins may be produced inexpensively and in large quantities using our patented processes and compositions. Recombinant proteins are commonly used in drugs and vaccines, diagnostics, foodstuffs such as sweeteners and growth enhancers, industrial processes and for drug discovery. Licenses are available for research use only and for commercialization of recombinant proteins by field of use.

Patents covering this technology include:

US Patent No. 5,618,676
US Patent No. 5,854,018
US Patent No. 5,856,123
US Patent No. 5,919,651


Simplified High Frequency Broadband Tuner

By combining direct conversion to baseband with novel tuning and signal processing schemes, this invention achieves advantages such as elimination of the intermediate signals and attendant processing; simplification of processing the near direct current signal due to the use of a novel digital signal processing (DSP) technique; a wider tuning range than is available in superheterodyne receivers; use of the novel signal processing scheme allows the use of inexpensive and readily made bandpass filters; design requirements for the phase locked loop (PLL) are simplified due to a novel tuning technique which is made possible by the novel signal processing scheme; no adjustable or high- precision tuning circuits are required.

Patents covering this technology include:

US Patent No. 5,937,341
US Patent No. 6,427,068
US Patent No. 6,631,256
US Patent No. 7,116,963
US Patent No. 7,606,542
US Patent No. 7,606,549
US Patent No. 7,639,996
US Patent No. 7,853,225
US Patent No. 7,853,239
US Patent No. 7,860,482
US Patent No. 7,925,238
US Patent No. 8,005,450
US Patent No. 8,116,705
US Patent No. 8,140,043

Additional patents are pending.